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Although we offer complete packages of services we feel every book is unique and special. So we like to customize our services. One client described this as similar to a menu in a Chinese restaurant. We offer individual items for one rate but also packages of services to save clients money.

I have broken down the Major steps from start to finish of a book project into three overall steps. Many book authors want guidance from start to finish. This can save time, money, and stress, in both the short term and the long term.

This is the first major step which is writing your book or getting it written for you. If your book is already written and edited…move onto the next step or section.



How do I write, publish, and sell my books?

Book Publishing Consulting

Many authors like you consider this a very valuable service...perhaps the most valuable of services. We can help give you the proper direction that could easily save you thousands of dollars or even more as you are shown the best steps to take towards your books' publication. This service helps authors just like you whether you only have an idea for a book, have finished writing your book, need or want help publishing, distributing, promoting, and marketing your book. You can now receive a road map (some say it is more like a "GPS") to lead you towards your dream of becoming a successfully published author.

How do I write, publish, and sell my books?


Don't have the time, interest, or ability to write your own book? Do what Presidents' Obama, Trump, Hilary Clinton, author Tom Clancy, and thousands of other celebrities even average people have done. Have a professional book Ghostwriter...write your book for you. Ask us and we will tell you all about this unique service.

How do I write, publish, and sell my books?

Book Consulting/Book Doctor

Not sure where to do with you book? Are you stuck? Unable to start? We can move you forward by evaluating your books ideas, and/or your manuscript. Help you to polish your manuscript so it is ready to go to the next step.


How do I write, publish, and sell my books?

Book Editing

Developmental Edit.

Sometimes also called Substantive or Structural Editing is a style of editing that could include helping the author develop an outline, and perhaps come up with a basic structure.

Copy Editing.

This form of editing is about reviewing text for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and syntax. No matter what kind of writer you are they will always be some problems with one or more of these. A good copy editor will find the problems you or your computer’s spellchecker missed. Such as “you” when the correct work is “your,” but you were writing quickly or simply missed it.


The final editor reviews your book manuscript before it gets printed or becomes an e-book. They tactfully work with the printer, and/or book designer, to make sure the book fits the format of the printed book or e-book. They check to be sure that the page numbers, captions, tables, images, running heads, footers, and such, complete a pleasant visual whole.

Line Editing

Also known as Stylistic Editing. This type of editing focuses on a book's text sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph to ensure clarity, flow, and smoothness for the book manuscript.


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“Bruce is tremendously enthusiastic about book publishing and marketing. He loves all of the steps. His positive outlook is sure to bring you success…”

 Jain Lemos, Book Producer.


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